Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Philip & Samantha: Winter Park Engagement Session

"But I see it, 
I see it,
I swear I do, 
I see extraordinary magic in you"

Every time I think of this darling couple, my smile grows larger and my heart becomes so much more full. Philip and Samantha have the sweetest, most tender love for one another and the most hilarious, joy infused relationship. They had me laughing so hard during our time together in Winter Park, and after capturing them for their engagement session I just knew that their wedding day was going to be amazing! I simply adored their laughter, their happiness, and their deep delight in God's grace in bringing them together!


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kevin & Emily: Lake Lily Engagement Session

"But when I'm with you, I'm no longer wandering, 
And when I'm with you, I swear I can breathe,
When I'm with you, I know who I am 
and who I want to be..."

Kevin and Emily were such a blast to spend time with on this delightful, golden light filled spring evening. We met at a perfect little lake in the heart of Orlando which also held the spot where Kevin had proposed to Emily months before. They both have the sweetest, most gentle spirits and I loved hearing about their story as a couple and how the Lord had brought them together! Their smiles, laughter, and joy couldn't be hidden and after shooting their engagement session I just knew that their wedding was going to be such an amazing day. I have loved staying in touch with these new friends and have been so blessed by the love and kindness which they reflect so beautifully as couple!