Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Expecting Jade Laurelle

In only just a few more weeks darling Jade will grace this world with her beautiful face! So much love, joy, and prayers have surrounded this precious baby girl, and I seriously cannot wait to meet her soon! I was so excited to capture this precious season of life for Susanna & Demetrius, and the hidden glimpses of fall all around us might have made me way even more thrilled about our evening together. These two (or three, I should say!) are just so gorgeous and radiate so much joy!
Seriously though... how gorgeous is this darling mama? Like, oh my stars <3

I'm counting down the days, Jade, until you finally arrive and I get to hold you (and probably cry) and delight in all of God's glorious mercies for this dear family.
You are so dearly loved precious girl! <3

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mike & Melanie: Of sweethearts and woodland views

"I want to love you, forever I do
I want to spend all of my days with you,
I'll carry your burdens, and be the wind at your back,
Well I want to spend my forever like that..." 
-Ben Rector

Meet Mike and & Melanie... the most adorable couple with the sweetest excitement, contagious laughter, and passionate zeal for any kind of adventure (a couple after my own heart!). I've known sweet Melanie for years as we grew up at the same church, and finally meeting Mike for the first time during our shoot only further confirmed how perfect they were for each other. Mike is hilarious & charming, eager to lead his beloved and to cherish each moment they have together. Melanie is always wearing a joy filled smile and can make anyone feel loved and welcomed in a minute's time. On top of being so stunning and way too easy to capture on camera, Mike and Melanie are crazy talented with music and have their own band in which they bless others with their worship on a continual basis.