Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gabriel + Abigail: A St. Augustine Wedding

Among all the countless beautiful souls God has graced my life with, there is one very special couple who make my smile grow even larger. Maybe its their youthful charm which captivates my soul. It could be their gentle love for each other which I see whenever I'm around them. Or maybe its their passion for all things beautiful, all things exciting, and all things joy filled which found a spot in my heart and holds it still. All that to say, when my gorgeous friend Abi emailed me asking if I photographed weddings, my heart lit up with excitement. As we worked through her plans and ideas for her special day, my anticipation and excitement grew beyond words. (Plus, having the awesome Jean Marie as my second shooter made the day even more wonderful. Thanks so much for your *amazing* help Jean!) And let me tell y'all: not only was this wedding beautiful and completely filled to the brim with joy, it was the most fun wedding I've been blessed to shoot. There was just so much bubbling JOY. And capturing that joy became so easy... it touched every part of that beautiful, chilly, love filled February day.

Here's the gorgeous union of Mr. & Mrs. Acevedo. ♥

Abi was a bride of such pure, beautiful, and gentle grace. My heart was overwhelmed. 
The windy, cloudy, and freezing winter day could in no way dampen the love and excitement of this marriage celebration. Every one's heart was warmed with the joy of what was soon to take place on that sandy St. Augustine shore.
 Leah, Abi's beautiful sister and maid of honor, with her new sweet husband. SO much love filled that winter.
Oh, and the bride's family, besides being loads of fun, boundless joy, and hilarious friends, are also amazing musicians. Perfect, right? 
The handsome groom, Gabriel.

Love surrounded this dear couple. It is such a blessing to see the love of Christ and joy of His truth passed down throughout the generations....
The bridal party with their spouses. Like I said... so much sweet love. ♥


As the sun slowly began its journey into the western horizon, we hurried out to the breezy shore one last time to grab some portraits. The light was so soft and dreamy.... a perfect way to close their beautiful wedding day.
Then the sun set and touched the end of their day was a serene wisp of glory. 

They left with the cheerful hugs and kind words of friends bidding them farewell, {though some weren't ready for that yet. ;) }

A wonderful, laughter filled, and joyous ending to that precious day when two sweet lovers finally became Mr. and Mrs. Acevedo. 

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