Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sweet Stephanie: Class of 2014

Her joy, excitement, and energetic spirit will inspire you beyond words.
Her gracious manner and soft smile will leave you warmed and welcomed in her presence.
And above all, her love for Christ will encourage you and bless you with fresh zeal for righteous.
This is the sweet & beautiful graduating senior filled my heart with glee as we trumped through the swampy woods and rustic beaches of our little town on a spring afternoon to take her senior pictures. 
Her personality, gorgeous beauty, and delightful spirit was a joy to capture with my lens and I'm so blessed to have been able to celebrate this exciting season of life with her!

 I simply loved each location that she chose to have her photoshoot in.. each spot seemed to reflect the beautiful heart of Stephanie, from soft and serene, to colorful and bold. And the ocean? A perfect choice this sunshine girl. ♥

With the fading sun we left those golden shores having captured that special season of her life; a season of exciting opportunities, new adventures, and joyous celebration.

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