Monday, May 19, 2014

The Newton Family

"Oh, you'd love her! She loves so many of the same things you do." pastor's wife told me as we drove along the highway to meet a friend of hers, young woman of extraordinary faith and grace. When I first met Courtney, her eyes were lit by a boundless joy. Her smile captivated me and her peaceful happiness was softly expressed as she laid her arms on her growing baby, soon to see the world for the first time. The challenges she has faced throughout life are tremendous, and her courage and strength were inspiration to my soul. As I talked with her and her amazing husband, I knew that this small family instantly found place in my heart. As the year went by, and her baby boy came with all the joy and glee a little one brings, I was blessed to grow in deeper friendship with Courtney and her family.
Skip ahead eight months and you find us wandering around their local bridge and beach pier, savoring life. Because that's one of my favorite things about family shoots: its capturing cherished moments of beautiful souls gathered together and bound by love. This family was so much fun to create memories with and capturing this season of their lives was such a joy to my heart.
Courtney, Tim, and baby Thayen have touched my life in so many ways. 

I've loved watching Courtney being a mommy to Thayen... her tender love is reflected in his gleeful smile and chuckling laughter.
Like father, like son. ;)

 Throughout the shoot, the only thing Thayen would find contentment in was anything green. Green leaves, green grass, green anything. Thankfully, we had a large supply of that all around us, which made for a very happy baby.

His sweet baby charm now taking the show. ^ This is one of my favorites of this precious boy.

 My prayers and love abound for this precious family. ♥ Capturing their beautiful smiles and expressions brought so much joy to my heart.

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