Monday, September 1, 2014

Bryan + Alexis: A Florida Country Wedding

It was already a warm July morning when the sun began to climb the eastern horizon. The rolling hills were freshly coated with the morning dew, the air quiet and still, and the breeze was slowly growing stronger with the light of a new day. In a small country cabin, resting among thirty six acres of gorgeous rolling hills, awaited a bride, vibrant in the loveliness of a pure beauty... she would soon be married to her sweet heart, Bryan, and nothing could steal that joy in her heart. It was so much fun meeting Bryan and Alexis, hearing their story, and capturing their special day in a land where the country girl in me was perfectly delighted. 

I mama & daughter moments. To think that years ago she was showing her baby girl how to tie her shoes, and then to fast forward to the present moment when she is gently guiding and preparing her radiant daughter to walk down the aisle.... its precious sights like these that steal my heart.

Florida woods: green, vibrant, enchanting, wild, and free. The setting perfectly reflected this darling country girl.

They also put so much detail and love into their special day, being sure to incorporate the things which they both cherish.... like their shotgun. One hundred percent country, y'all. :)

I love when my brides have special ideas and requests for photos. In this case, Alexis wanted to have a special time of prayer with Bryan before they were joined as husband and wife. But, because their first look was going to be during the ceremony, it had to be done in a different and very special way.
Doves waiting to signal the joy of that glorious union.

To show their unity and the bond between these two families, Bryan and Alexis had planned for a shotgun to be assembled by both sets of parents.
Prayers surrounded this sweet couple throughout the day. So, so special.

Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel left with the laughter, cheers, and the echo of firing shotguns to bid them farewell. I'm so happy and excited for this sweet couple and for the joyous journey they have ahead!

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