Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jason + Jennifer: A Titusville Wedding

A chilly November morning found me driving down long, dirt roads in the quiet woods just outside of Titusville, Fl. My heart was full of excitement as I pulled up to a small home in a patch of sunshine. Jason and Jennifer are both so passionate for the Gospel and glory of God in all things, and it was evident all throughout the day that their love for each other flowed from a deep love of the Savior. 
I had so much fun capturing Mr. and Mrs. Mercado's special day. The atmosphere was so relaxed and peaceful, and by the end of our time I felt like I had known these sweet souls for years.
Without further ado...

A couple's wedding day kiss always melts my heart....always. <3
Walking back down the aisle, now as husband and wife, Jason and Jen were surrounded by the cheers of loved ones and tons of playful bubbles blowing in the wind.
After a quick prayer for the beginning of the recption, we sneaked away to a quiet patch of woods for some portraits...

Husband and Wife.
This couple was so ready to be united together, to take life hand in hand, and to further the glory of God through their love to each other. Their joy overflowed into the hearts of everyone present on that beautiful day. 

With their portraits having been taken, we hurried back to their backyard, picnic style reception, from which the sounds of laughter and jovial conversations echoed among the quiet woods.

The couple made sure that there was plenty of fun for everyone, and I think the children found this to be true. :)
After the cake and toast, the party continued with children playing, lively chatter, and the sound of shotguns in the distance as the men enjoyed some shooting. Jason and Jen Mercado's wedding day was so peaceful and joy filled, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!
Many blessings to this special couple and their new life together as Mr. And Mrs. Mercado.

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