Monday, February 23, 2015

The Seashore Was Needed

There's days when you know that you just need it.
You need that cold sand between your toes. You need the golden sun to shine on your face. You need the sound of crashing waves, the chatter of busy seagulls, and the calm hush in the chilly seashore winds to fill your mind with renewed peace. And most of all, you just need another heart to share with, listen to, laugh alongside, and sing out loud with.
Last weekend, after a busy week and a period of not seeing each other for months because of crazy schedules, I met up with my darling friend Susanna for some coffee, a walk on the shore, and some good ole' heart to heart conversation. And while spending time with this bestie, I had the joy to grab some portraits of her lovely self. <3

And then I gave my darling camera to her, letting her grab a few shots of me for a change. I know she had so much joy trying it all out, and I won't say I didn't enjoy getting a few new shots of myself. As a photographer, I love capturing the stories and smiles of others around me. But sometimes, as the months go by, I forget to seize the moment that I'm in, and to capture a bit of who I am today.
Thank you, Susanna, for walking this narrow path alongside of me, for shining Christ into my life, and for filling my heart with so much love. Thank you for the seashore wanderings, the coffee chats, and the heart felt laughs we enjoy as we embrace life together. <3

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