Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sweet Alexis: 2015 Senior Portraits

Lexi is just one of those people who you can't but help love being around.
Her genuine smile, heartfelt laughter, and selfless love make you feel so comfortable and at ease in her company, and you can't help but find joy in the light which she shines on all who are around her. It's quite nearly impossible to be sad or upset around her, as her joy and fun spirit quickly disperse any frustrations. And yet she is so gentle and sincere that her loving heart will be quick to help heal or encourage you when you're down. She's a pretty special girl.
And I've loved knowing her for years.
As we drove home, we laughed about old memories and photos of us together {oh middle school days... lets not go back there. hahaha}, talked about future plans and exciting goals, and just shared with open hearts our thoughts and joys. I left her home on that foggy evening feeling a refreshed excitement and joy, and I also came home with a ton of shots of her gorgeous self!

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