Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Monahan Family: Spring 2015

We met on a sunny Thursday evening at the peak of spring. The light fell warmly on the greenery and the busy river which makes this little corner of Ormond Beach ever so lovely. As this precious family  stepped out of their mini van, wearing the most beautiful shades of blue and mint, I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that I too was matching their color scheme! Perfect fit. ;) This family is full of so much life and joy, and you can't help but get excited and enthusiastic when you spend time with them. As I've worked alongside of Angie, the children's ministry administrator at our church, I've come to cherish the bright, bubbly cheerfulness which constantly surrounds her, and which shines through her husband and children. 
Sweet Samantha reminds me of myself at that age. Her charming smile can steal your heart in a second, and her imaginative spirit brings you right back to those beautiful childhood days.
Little LuAnn is one of the cutest toddlers I know. She mastered saying my name during our shoot, and now every time we meet at church, there's always a running hug and toddler laughs echoing in the room. Some of the sweetest moments come from having the love and friendship of the little ones in our lives.
And James... oh James. :) I wish I could bottle up his energy, creativity, and excitement. He's a bushel of life and joy, and his loving heart matches his excitement with a most tender, sensitive spirit.

As Samantha climbed up the hill along the base of the bridge, I couldn't help but smile as I remembered the days long ago when I would climb to the top of the grass hill, only to roll down it in sheer bliss. Thankfully, her beautiful dress was spared that activity, and Samantha climbed down and suddenly sat down in the most graceful little lady pose ever. 
And then we had a sisters moment, as LuAnn snuggled up to her big sister and smile with the softest smile that such love can bring. *heart melt*

Pat and Angie are the sweetest of couples, and they are such a beautiful picture to watch. Their hearts for each other and those around them are such an inspiration and all who know them are blessed by their friendship.

LuAnn's energy was giving way to weariness, but the silly pouts couldn't hide the bright little heart inside.
And between playful chasing and tickles, she finally let a smile sneak through. ;) 

I simply loved capturing this precious family, and growing closer to them over these past few months has brought new joys and many smiles. There's something so wonderful about chasing little ones, pretending and imagining stories, and laughing at the silliest of things that makes your heart lighter and more full. Those are beautiful moments. <3

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  1. Awesome pictures, Shannon! Love the quality and smiles. ;)