Friday, July 31, 2015

Zach + Sarah: Beach Proposal & Portrait Session

Meet Zach and Sarah.
Both grew up in the same town, attended the same church activities as children, and then somehow in time separated paths and became busy with school, life, and careers. Then fast forward to two years ago when a large group of friends met once a week for a time of volleyball and fellowship. Friends came from all over the area, bringing new friends and inviting others to join in what we pretended to call volleyball. (Despite what it looked like, it was a blast. Some of the best evenings were spent there!) When we all started out, pretty much every young person there was single. Now, at least four couples are happily married and these two love birds are engaged! Sarah, a friend of another friend who came regularly, joined us one Thursday evening and quickly became a favorite and new friend to us all. Zach, an inspiring young man with big plans and a tender heart towards everyone, was well known to everyone and a perfect, and still unseen, match for this sweet girl named Sarah. Fast forward time to find that this friendship between these two quickly grew and took roots for something deeper. They became a darling couple and couldn't be any more perfect for each other. Then, on their two year anniversary of being in a relationship, Zach surprised her with an elegant dinner and peaceful stroll on the beach, and with a special little question to conclude their time together!
After bending down on one knee, expressing his love and delight in her, Zach asked her to be his bride.
And in joyful astonishment, she said yes!
 *cue happy tears*

The soft rain began to lighten and slowly disappear as the sun shone warmly on this beautiful scene. A few passerby's congratulations added to this love filled moment, and the radiant smile on Sarah's face was a joy to behold. She was going to soon be Mrs. Sarah Smith. <3 
And despite shooting under a tiny black umbrella {at least it helped with staying hidden and incognito for the surprise aspect of this shoot!} I'd say capturing these two lovebirds was one of my favorite shoots so far!
{And her ring?!?! Soooo gorgeous!}

Aren't they simply adorable together?!?! I can't say enough of how much joy I had in taking these.
I'm so excited for y'all and can't wait to watch as your story continues to unfold!

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  1. Your photography is beautiful, Shannon! And such dreamy lighting in the palm tree ones, especially. Also, thanks for commenting on my blog! :) Many blessings!