Friday, January 1, 2016

Jared + Lauren: An August Wedding at St. Andrew's Chapel

Mr. and Mrs. Jared & Lauren Lind
These two beautiful souls have the deepest, most tender, and truly excitable love for each other... it was so evident as I spent the day with them capturing their gorgeous wedding. Their joy was contagious to all who joined them in this glorious celebration, and their jubilant smiles and bubbling personalties stole my heart as they embraced their first day as husband and wife. With their first look in the most charming European styled garden, a ceremony full of the Gospel and praise to the Lord, and a reception that included swing dancing, this was one wedding that I would love to relive all over again!
Lauren and her lovely bridesmaids prepared for the day early in the morning at one of the most charming homes I've ever been to. Alison, Lauren's cousin and one of the sweet bridesmaids, ever so gracefully shared her family's beautiful, country style home to be filled with early morning light, abundant laughter, and so much pre-wedding excitement. 
McKenna, who so gracefully prepared Lauren's sister, Sarah, for her wedding last April, was at her skillful work yet again. Every time I see what she does so perfectly with designing hair, I'm left in awe of the creatively beautiful gift she has!

Before the wedding day had come upon us, Lauren had told me of these letters she had written to her parents and Jared, and how she wanted them to be included in the photos. Oh my heart: the branding, loving hand lettering, and thoughtfulness behind these cards filled my heart with overflowing glee. Being a "handwritten letter" kind of person, I nearly swooned at the details before me.

Lauren and Jared reflect so beautifully what Biblical marriage is, and their testimony inspired my soul immensely as I captured their story that day.
This precious ring is what Lauren gifted her bridesmaids with as a token of her love and thankfulness for each of them. I simply loved this delicate, Celtic knot ring and the simple beauty it had about it! 
Isn't St. Andrew's  Chapel simply breathetaking?!?! This is my absolute *favorite* church to shoot at, and the personal memories I hold of this place are so very dear to my heart. 
The beauty in Lauren's dress left me swooning as we watched her fit into it like a glove, to be then buttoned up ever so lovingly by her sisters. Oh, this moment! This jittery, excited, "I can't  believe this is happening!" moment of a bride finally putting on her wedding dress in eager anticipation of the joy that is about to unfold! A smile filled Lauren's beautiful expression that can only come from the pure bliss of knowing that you and your beloved are finally about to be made husband and wife. <3
Did I mention that they had the most *adorable* flower girl ever?!?! More on that soon. ;) 
At the mention of how both her and Lauren's dresses were very much alike, a girlhood wonder filled her eyes and a playful smile lit her face. 100% precious. <3 

Oh Lauren, what a gem you are! The beautiful grace and delicate loveliness of your precious heart are jewels rare to find, while your gorgeous smile and joy filled laughter lighten the hearts of all who know you. <3 And you made a simply stunning bride! 
And now we have the oh so handsome groom. Jared's gentle, tender, and passionately ardent love for his bride was evident as soon as I met him, eagerly waiting for their first look together. His wisdom far exceeds that of many his age, and his joy filled spirit fits ever so perfectly with that of his bride.

Can I just say that everything about this first look reminds me of a Jane Austen inspired scene? Oh, it was simply perfect!

"I've got you so deep in the heart of me, 

so deep in my heart that 

you're really a part of me." 

|Frank Sinatra|

I love, love, love how they had words delicately placed on the inside of their rings. 
Oh, such a precious idea!
These two are another one of my favorite couples. <3 
Sweetly married this past spring and now expecting a new little bundle of joy!
At one point during the reception, there took place a "whoever has been married the longest" dance competition. Couples were slowly dismissed off of the dance floor as the length of years of marriage increased. And what followed left everyone ecstatic and overwhelmed with even more joy. How beautiful it was to see these amazing couples together, dancing as if they had just fallen in love for the first time!
I still gaze with a vintage loving jealousy whenever I see this image of that vintage cadillac . It truly made for the *perfect* getaway car!

Congratulations Lauren and Jared! I'm so honored to have been able to capture your beautiful wedding day, and I cherish the friendship of both you lovely hearts! You two are such an encouragement and blessing to so many! {Myself included!} May the Lord richly bless this amazing journey you have started together!


  1. SHANNON! These are absolutely beautiful and you did a fantastic job! Show me your ways...pretty please? :D

    1. Aw, Rosi! You made my day. <3 You, my friend, are the sweetest! We need a photography adventure one day. ;)