Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Bost Family: A Wintry Riverside Session

"The true way to live is to enjoy 
every moment as it passes, and 
surely it is in the everyday things
 around us that the beauty of life lies." 
-Laura Ingalls Wilder

One of the many reasons that I simply love having family sessions is that I am reminded yet again of how beautiful a treasure it is to watch these moments in my client's lives... to see little ones curl up in their daddy's lap, sisters playing with flower petals and laughing together as only best friends would, and a ever charming couple holding each other close, resting in the love which has sealed their hearts together ever stronger as the years go by.  
The precious Bost family warmed my heart ever so much with this joy as we met by the river on a chilly December evening. If I could bottle up the energy of all three of the children, I don't think I'd ever need coffee again. ;) They have such a special way of sending new, childlike joy to anyone who meets them, and I have the extra special joy of having Ethan in my monthly Sunday School class. After hugs, lots of chattering, and a few moments watching the river, we began making new memories and savoring this beautiful season of life they are in as a family. <3
Sweet Ansleigh. This little cutie has gone through some pretty daunting adventures (the mere idea of heart surgery leaves me terrified!), and her joy and love filled smile makes my bravery and courage grow even more. 
Precious Madison. She reminds me of myself, as we both play the role of big sister in our families. She watches over her siblings with such tenderness, and yet embraces the fun and joy of their lives in such a beautiful way. She's as gorgeous as her dear momma, and will melt your heart in an instant with her warm hugs and ever present smile.
Oh Ethan. His boyhood wonder and seemingly never ending energy fill you with a new sense of excitement {and at times, exhaustion! haha}. I love hearing him calling me "teacher" during class, watching him help the younger students in such a gentlemanly manner, and listening to his adventurous ideas and intelligent answers, which makes my Sunday mornings even brighter. And when he brought along his handmade ornament, I couldn't help but smile at the simple joys which surround the heart at that age.
Justin and Michelle are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, and their faithfulness to the Lord and each other is an inspiration to all who know them. <3
This is their "let's pretend its actually cold out!" Florida winter pose. I'm a fan.

I'm always so blessed by this sweet family, and being able to capture their precious hearts was such a blast. I can't wait to see where the Lord leads them in the days ahead! 

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