Thursday, May 5, 2016

Of Woods and the Wild Savannah: Portrait Session

One Friday night, after several days of sharing between texts how much we NEEDED to get out and take photographs just for pleasure, my dear friend Jean and I finally made a spur of the moment decision and planned a shoot for the following day.  She drove over an hour to meet me in my hometown, where we did some local thrift shopping {and where she found her complete outfit for this shoot. No joke, within five minutes of thrift shopping, Jean found the perfect throwback styled outfit for our shoot. She's a fashion genius}. A home lunch of grilled cheese and green beans followed our thrift shopping thrills, and then we got our stuff together and off into the woods we went.
I had such a blast with this dear girl {and rockstar of a model} and so enjoyed our time out among these wild Florida scenes. <3 
Jean totally pulled off the "twentieth century, Florida back woods school teacher" look. 
Like seriously, how much more perfect could she be?!?! <3 
See that little wild fern just below this courageous ginger friend of mine? As we were shooting and exploring, Jean found a baby snake just resting ever so delicately on top of it. To be honest, the whole time that we were tramping through the woods {and off the clear cut trail} I was quite nervous about stepping on a diamond back rattlesnake. They can blend so perfectly in the wild foliage, and from past experience, I knew that one could easily step on or near these feisty little creatures without even knowing. And we don't want to talk about what would follow if that should happen!
To her joy, and my horror, we stepped closer to this little fellow. Jean, ever the brave one, didn't believe me when I clearly informed her that it was a baby rattler {I had been stupid enough to take a really close shot of one years ago, without even realizing how dangerous it was. Apparently, the baby snakes have more venom in them than the adults!} After taking some shots of it, we quickly backed off {to my delight} and continued on our way. {And laughed about it later at home, when Jean finally realized that it was a rattler and understood why I was so tense about it! haha}

As we were shooting among the quiet woods of the Bulow Sugar Plantation, we noticed that the sun was suddenly setting wayyyy to fast. We hurriedly hopped in the car, and drove just two minutes to one of our favorite spots ever. We call it the "Savannah", which is a perfect title considering it feels just like one.
This girl just totally rocked it. Sheesh Jean, you're a gem. <3 

And with that the sun quickly set, leaving the night swamp birds to begin their chorus, the mosquitoes to come do their biting, and the wet earth to cool down after a gloriously balmy day. From here we headed home with laughs and sweet conversation, followed by a shared dinner at home and farewell hugs before she headed for her long drive home. I'm so thankful for this dear friend and for the joy which radiates from her precious heart! <3 

{too see Jean's side of our time together, visit here}

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