Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Demetrius + Susanna: In which my best friend falls in love

"I'm yours completely,
no matter what comes our way
I'll love you to the end of our days..."

Besides this being my absolute favorite shoot to this day, with the loveliest location, light, and everything else that could make a photographer's heart happy, this session is one of the dearest to me because of the darling couple within it. I've know dear Susanna since I was in fourth grade {that's 12 years y'all!} and God has weaved our friendship throughout the years with an overwhelming abundance of grace and love. She's one of my nearest & dearest friends that I praise the Lord for, and being able to watch her fall in love with this dashing young man has brought the deepest joy to my heart.

We spent countless hours throughout the years talking about the day this would happen.
We've prayed  over it, and trusted the Lord to work in His perfect timing and ways.

And then one day it happened...as we met to walk together near the river in our town, the conversation went to:
"so, I met this guy named Demetrius..." and that's where it all started.
His Gospel saturated heart, his mercy and love, his charm and humor, all of it stole her heart in the most beautiful of ways.
And now these two beautiful, godly souls are soon to be united in marriage! Shooting their engagement session wasn't just another delightful session to me. It was the clear, most beautiful evidence of answered prayer taking place before my very eyes. It was a testimony of God's work and His merciful timing. It was a moment in time where I nearly wept with joy as I watched these two together. <3 
"But when I'm with you, I'm no longer wandering...
... and when I'm with you I can finally breathe.
...when I'm with you, I know who I am and who I want to be."
One of the sweetest things I've experienced is in watching them throughout this season of engagement. 
They have striven to reflect the Gospel so deeply through their love for one another, and I'm just one of the many people who have been blessed by that testimony. 
Be still my heart. <3 
I'm not ever going to complain about this gorgeous location. Nope, not at all.
Perfectly, 100% Florida.
We caught the fading light of the loveliest sunset, 
and in those quite, still moments, I witnessed a glimpse of how truly beautiful
these two will be as husband and wife.

Because every couple should slow dance on a sunset kissed field.
 Forever & always.

Oh, Demetrius and Susanna! My heart overflows with the deepest, purest joy as I think about how God has lead you two together, and how He will continue to bind you to one another in the deepest love as the years go by. Here's to the exciting countdown until your precious wedding day next month! 

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