Thursday, March 2, 2017

Demetrius + Susanna: When Two Hearts Become One

She's radiant, tender, and full of life and passion.
He's strong, courageous, and perfectly humorous. 
She has a heart for serving and loving others beyond anything I've ever seen.
He has a vibrant Gospel passion and joy that can ignite excitement into one's heart in an instant.
And together, these two, with all of their gifts and passions, have become a couple of rare beauty.

Demetrius and Susanna hold a truly precious place in my heart. I've grown up with Susanna's friendship in my life, and throughout the years, I've seen her transform into the most loving and gracious soul I know. And now watching Demetrius guide her, encourage her, and grow in love with her every day, from their season of engagement to these "happily ever after" days,  has me overwhelmed with the sweetest joy. I may have shed some love filled tears during the wedding day and the post processing weeks that followed, for this day was truly so special. It was a perfectly balmy November day (for Florida, at least) and with a ceremony filled with so many families and friends, wild woodlands portraits, and a historic church building reception, it was truly the perfect way to celebrate the union of these two dear souls!
After we shot in these woods, we had a little more time we could use for portraits (to my great joy!) Since our woodland location had been rerouted because of another wedding at our original portrait spot, I really wanted to find a location that added an extra romantic touch to our Florida scenes. That brings us to what I call our "Savannah": a little corner of wild land right off the side of a back road nearby. Best decision of the day. ;) 
Filling their guests with the surprise of fireworks as they left, Demetrius and Susanna left their cherished friends and families for their beautiful honeymoon in the Rockies. This day was so relaxing, so Christ exalting, and so dearly joyful that it left my heart too full for words. I'm so thankful for this dear couple, and cannot wait to see what adventures await them in the days ahead! 
(and huge shout out to Jean, my ever faithful and crazy talented second shooter, for all of her help during this day! <3 )

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