Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Expecting Jade Laurelle

In only just a few more weeks darling Jade will grace this world with her beautiful face! So much love, joy, and prayers have surrounded this precious baby girl, and I seriously cannot wait to meet her soon! I was so excited to capture this precious season of life for Susanna & Demetrius, and the hidden glimpses of fall all around us might have made me way even more thrilled about our evening together. These two (or three, I should say!) are just so gorgeous and radiate so much joy!
Seriously though... how gorgeous is this darling mama? Like, oh my stars <3

I'm counting down the days, Jade, until you finally arrive and I get to hold you (and probably cry) and delight in all of God's glorious mercies for this dear family.
You are so dearly loved precious girl! <3

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