Hey there!
I'm Shannon... a passionate portrait and wedding photographer living on the north east coast of Florida. I'm a curly hair, blue eyed, laughter loving soul who is overly fond of adventures, walks on windy autumn days, steam rising from a warm cup of coffee, and heart to heart chats with friends. I love the golden light which touches the ocean's waves in the evening, the sound of rain on a summer's afternoon, and finding joy in both the new and ordinary. My heart is at home when I'm walking barefoot at the seashore, studying theology, or baking up something yummy in the kitchen. I love laughter: pure, deep, genuine laughter, and I probably drive the people around me crazy with all my whistling and singing from day to day. I'm a bubbly, joy filled, light chasing photographer and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I'm a creative artist who sees life as a story and can't help but become captivated by the beautiful souls who fill it. I create because I have been created... I see the light, the beauty, the patterns in the world around me and I can't help but savor the glory of the Creator who designed it all. My life is hid in Christ Jesus my Lord, for He has redeemed my sinful soul and has wrapped me in His perfect righteousness. He is the one who has given my heart this passion, this joy in capturing life with all of its beauty and love, and my deepest desire is to bring Him glory through it.

Its the soft, gentle kiss of a newly married couple which steals my heart time and time again. Its the joy of a child cuddling up beside their mother which reminds me of the beauty of family and the inexpressible comfort of being known and loved. Its these stories, these moments that are too beautiful not to be captured, that make my heart soar. These smiles, embraces, and memories are gifts that I want to help you treasure, and that's why I love what I do.

Will you let me share this journey with you?
I'd love to start today!

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